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Rightmove property listing - Can You See Price History On Rightmove
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When you are looking to buy your next property or to buy your very first property, being able to see the price history on Rightmove is important information to have.

If you can see the price history on Rightmove you have a better understanding of what’s going on in the property market in your area. But also, if you can see the price history for individual properties of interest to you, knowing historical changes is key information to have before going to view a property.

You can see the price history on Rightmove if you install the free Google Chrome browser extension Property Log. The Property Log browser extension reveals the full price history for each property listing on Rightmove, and shows each historical price change and the date of each change.

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Image courtesy of Rightmove

How do I see previous prices on Rightmove?

To see previous prices on Rightmove you need to install the Google Chrome Extension Property-Log, which is an extension you can only use with the Google Chrome browser. The extension is free and easy to install if you already have Google Chrome.

If you don’t have Google Chrome Browser, you can install this by following this link: Google Chrome Browser.

Once you’ve installed Google Chrome and added the Google Chrome extension Property Log, you will see the price change history as per the above image.

Notice how on Rightmove the price reduction is shown (as highlighted in red), but Rightmove only shows the most recent reduction, which in this case was on 15 September 2021.

What Rightmove doesn’t show when you search properties when you don’t use Google Chrome with the Chrome extension is the complete history of price changes. But with the extension installed, you can track the complete price history in the example chosen, which is six changes over a period of six months.

Property price history tracker on Rightmove:

  1. This particular property was first listed on 23 March 2021 for £650,000.
  2. The first reduction was £15,000 on 12th April 2021.
  3. It was switched to POA on Rightmove on 22nd April 2021.
  4. There was a further change from POA back to £635,000, followed by a price increase back to £650,000 on 20 July 2021.
  5. On 16 August 2021 the property was again reduced, but this time by £20,000 to £630,000.
  6. A final change happened on 15 September 2021 where the property was changed back to POA (or Price on Application)*.

* The final change in the change history for this property is clearly a price reduction, as although it has been changed to POA, the disclosure on Rightmove states the property’s price was reduced on 15th September 2021, which is the date the price changed to POA.

Rightmove reduced price history

Rightmove reduced price history can be seen using Chrome Extension Property-Log, which helps property hunters to see if prices are reducing on properties of interest. Property-Log also shows the original listing date which is key when looking for bargains.

The longer properties are for sale the harder they are to sell, and the longer a property takes to sell, the more likely the sellers will take offers on the listed price.

Why is it important to track price history on Rightmove?

It’s important to be able to track price history on Rightmove so you can decipher the direction in which your local property market is trending. If the price history of properties in your search area are mainly reducing, this would indicate of a falling property market and a buyer’s market.

If you are viewing properties in a downward trending market you are more likely to be able to make cheeky offers on properties you like.

But if you like the look of a particular property, and this property is one of only a few that shows a history of price reductions, it’s less likely you are looking at a downward trending market in your area.

But instead it’s likely this property was over-priced in the first place, and the estate agent has suggested to the vendor to drop the price to create interest.

If only a few properties show a number of reductions, as per the above image, this could either mean the estate agent got it wrong, or the seller chose to ignore the estate agents value and asked for their property to be listed at a higher amount.

What does it mean if not many properties are showing a price drops in their price history?

If not many properties show a history of price reductions this implies the property market in your area is good. To help confirm if this is the case, you may also find that not many properties are for sale, or most properties listed on Rightmove are marked as “Sold Subject To Contact” (SSTC).

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Can You See Price History On Rightmove: Rightmove Price Tracker

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