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Can You See How Many Times A Property Has Been Viewed On Rightmove?

 Can you see how many times a property has been viewed on Rightmove large

Your interest in how many times a property has been viewed on Rightmove is most likely to be because you’re selling a house. The number of views will give an indication of the demand for any particular property.

But can you see how many times a property has been viewed on Rightmove? You can’t see how many times a property has been viewed on Rightmove. But you could ask your estate agent for this information instead. Having this information can provide useful statistics about how popular your house listing is on Rightmove compared to how this converts into house viewings.

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Does Rightmove show number of views?

Rightmove doesn’t show the number of views for properties listed for sale. But if it did, this would provide better statistics of how popular certain properties are. It would also provide useful information to vendors about how likely their house is going to sell.

Behind the scenes Rightmove will have this information, but they choose not to share this on their public-facing platform.

Your property may be receiving a lot of views on Rightmove. But this may not be translating into actual views from people coming to your house. Which could mean you need to improve the images used. Or the description needs to be improved.

Read on to find out how you can work with your estate agent to improve your chances of selling your house.

How does it benefit you to know the number of views on Rightmove?

Knowing the number of views on Rightmove would benefit you as you could then compare the number of these views with the number of house viewings you’re getting.

Or if you’re not getting any home-viewings, by being able to compare this to what’s happening on Rightmove could prove valuable. This may help you to understand why your house isn’t selling.

Speak with your estate agent, as they should have access to this information on their Rightmove Admin portal. They should be willing to share this with you.

Another approach is to set up an account with Visum to monitor this information. But this is a paid-for service and you would probably only do this if you’re selling your property yourself without the services of an estate agent.

The benefit of using a paid-for service like Visum is your house is listed across other platforms too. For example on Zoopla.

However, you can’t list your house on Visum as well as having it listed on Rightmove with an estate agent, as this won’t work.

Rightmove views and property report

Your estate agent will have complete access to reports on how well your house is performing by logging into their Admin account.

Within their Admin account your estate agent will have access to property performance reports, plus the following information:

  • Number of views your property has had.
  • The number of times your property is shown on a search results page.
  • How many times a user has clicked on your property for the full details after seeing it within their search results page.
  • The Click Through Rate (CRT), which is the percentage of clicks your property has had from the search results.

The above information on Rightmove is also available to private sellers with an account on Rightmove. But if you prefer to sell via an estate agent, you are better to ask them for this information.

How your estate agent can improve the chances of selling your house on Rightmove

Whilst you may not want to be ‘teaching an estate agent how to suck eggs‘, you may want to have a healthy discussion about your statistics on Rightmove. Especially if your home isn’t getting any viewings and isn’t selling.

Discuss the following with your estate agent:

  • Rightmove suggest that the average CTR on their site is around 5.2%. But if you find that your property’s CTR is higher, but this isn’t converting into enquiries, your estate agent needs to review the information on the ‘Full Description’ page.
  • If your property’s CTR is lower than 5.2%, this means the agent needs to review the ‘Summary Description’.
  • To keep your house interesting and to have loads of page views, Rightmove recommend to change the main image and summary description at least once per month.
  • To increase the number of times your property is shown on the search results, you need to make sure your property is priced competitively. This makes sure it appears in more search results. Which means it will be seen by more buyers.

Can you see price history on Rightmove?

Can you see price history on Rightmove large

To see a full price history on Rightmove you simply need to use the Google Chrome browser in combination with a Chrome-extension called Property Log.

Whereas Rightmove doesn’t show a price change ordinarily. This Chrome extension adds this information for you, along with the original listing date too.

If you look at the above image, which is the price box at the bottom of a house listing on Rightmove, the original listing was on 13/6/2019. You’ll notice there have since been two price reductions. These were on 13/3/2020 for £25,000 and then a further price reduction on 2/10/2020 of £10,000.

However, if you were to look on Rightmove without the Property Log extension, the only information you would see is the final reduced price of £190,000 and the date it was reduced of 2/10/2020.

Without the Property Log the fact that the property was originally listed more than 12 months prior on 13/6/2019 is also hidden!

Premium listing on Rightmove with 3 price changes using Property Log vs not using Property Log

The first image is without the Property Log Chrome Extension. This shows the current listed price of £177,000, but this is after three price reductions. Notice on the right the boxed area in red with the “Reduced on date” of 24/09/2020:

Can you see price history on Rightmove premium listing before Property Log larger

Below is the same property but now with the Property Log Chrome Extension activated. But more importantly, this shows the original listing date of 26 July 2020, plus the three price reductions.

Can you see price history on Rightmove premium listing using Property Log large
A three price change property listing on Rightmove using the Property Log Chrome Extension

The Property Log is a great tool to help uncover the hidden time period properties have been on the market. A time period that was previously masked by price-change dates.

But it also shows which agents are doing price reductions and on which properties.

Properties that are showing aggressive price reductions could be argued offer the best opportunity for a cheeky offer!

Please don’t forget to read this before you leave…

Please don’t forget to also read this article to discover how you could save £71,475 on your next mortgage if you sell your house and rent before buying againAs I said earlier, even I was amazed when I did the calculations!

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Can You See How Many Times A Property Has Been Viewed On Rightmove?

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