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Why Do You Want To Move House All The Time?

People want to move house all of the time either because they are unhappy and they are looking for happiness, or because they love moving and get excited about moving to somewhere new and love the adventure it brings. But moving is expensive, which makes moving house all the time a costly exercise.

Pros And Cons Of Living Near A Nuclear Power Plant: 5 Pros | 6 Cons

Pros of living near a nuclear power plant include good job opportunities with higher living standards and cheap properties. Whereas the cons of living near a nuclear power station include the risk of nuclear accidents or radioactive leaks, environmental contamination and problems selling your home.

Can You See Price History On Rightmove: Rightmove Price Tracker

You can see the price history on Rightmove if you install the free Google Chrome browser extension Property Log. The Property Log browser extension reveals the full price history for each property listing on Rightmove, and shows each historical price change and the date of each change.

Stamp Duty Calculator: Stamp Duty in England & Northern Ireland

A Stamp Duty Calculator to estimate your SDLT charge for buying property in England or Northern Ireland for those who are buying their very first property as first time buyers, for homeowners who are moving home or for those who are buying a second home or an additional property as an investment.

Selling House and Buying A New One Calculator

It’s good to use a sell your house and buy a new one calculator so you consider all selling costs, all buying costs, the balance to pay-off your current mortgage and what deposit is required on your new home. A calculator also works out the amount of savings you may need to buy your new home.

What Is Bridging Finance & How Does It Work & Is It A Risk?

Bridging finance is a short term loan of 12 months or less for the purpose of buying property to refurbish and sell or refinance later, or to bridge-the-gap between buying a property using an interim loan before selling another property in order to repay the bridging finance.

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