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Should You Threaten To Pull Out Of House Purchase

Only threaten to pull out of a house purchase if you mean it, as they may call your bluff and the sellers may put their house back on the market. Having said that, the threat to pull out of house purchase may be enough to kick them into action, especially if the sale is important to them.

Found Damp In House After Purchase: Can You Sue The Seller?

The only reason you’ll find damp in a house after purchasing it is if you didn’t have a full survey done to uncover any damp problems. A basic survey or a valuation report will not necessarily uncover any damp problems, so caveat emptor or buyer beware and do your checks before you buy.

Zoopla Confidence Levels: Low Confidence To High Confidence

Zoopla confidence levels range from low confidence, which means they don’t have enough data on the property to be confidence about the estimated price vs their high confidence level, which means they do have enough data on the property to be confidence about the estimated price.

How Do You Find Damp When Viewing A House

How you find damp when viewing a house includes using your sense of smell to pick up any musty damp smells in the property, looking for the appearance dark patches or for mould or mildew on the internal walls, floors or ceilings, or the lifting of wallpaper and condensation on windows.

Vendor Taking Too Long To Find A House: How Long To Wait

If the vendor is taking too long to find another property you have a tough decision between continuing your wait or to begin looking for another property. Your decision is made worse if you love the property, but if you’re in a chain you may risk losing your sale if you are held up for too long.

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