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Can You See Price History On Rightmove: Rightmove Price Tracker

You can see the price history on Rightmove if you install the free Google Chrome browser extension Property Log. The Property Log browser extension reveals the full price history for each property listing on Rightmove, and shows each historical price change and the date of each change.

Stamp Duty Calculator: Stamp Duty in England & Northern Ireland

A Stamp Duty Calculator to estimate your SDLT charge for buying property in England or Northern Ireland for those who are buying their very first property as first time buyers, for homeowners who are moving home or for those who are buying a second home or an additional property as an investment.

What Is Bridging Finance & How Does It Work & Is It A Risk?

Bridging finance is a short term loan of 12 months or less for the purpose of buying property to refurbish and sell or refinance later, or to bridge-the-gap between buying a property using an interim loan before selling another property in order to repay the bridging finance.

Property Sales Comparables: What It Means + 16 Comp Factors

Property sales comparables (comps) are sold prices of similar size properties in the same location. When researching property sales comparables you should focus on recent completed sales rather than on properties still for sale or the sale is pending, and ignore properties sold over 12 months ago.

Pros And Cons Of Living In A Cold Climate (With Snow & Ice)

The pros of living in a cold climate include less flies, insects and spiders, with the added advantage of improved health and less chance of suffering from allergies. Whereas the cons of living in the cold include high heating bills, unreliable travel and having to wear lots of clothes as it’s cold.

Pros And Cons Of Living Near Family: 14 Pros And 11 Cons

Pros of living near family includes seeing family more regularly and having a support network for things like babysitting, looking after pets, DIY help and emotional support. But the cons include the cost of having to move, the possibility of having to change jobs and you may be taken for granted.

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