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Do Houses With Small Gardens Sell? (Is No Back Garden A Mistake?)

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There are two possible answers to the question; do houses with small gardens sell. The first is to look at the answer from the perspective as if you’re about to buy a house with a small garden. The second is if you already own a house with a tiny back garden and you’re thinking about selling.

But even if you’re considering buying a house with a small back garden, it is important to know in advance whether it will sell in the future. Houses with small gardens will sell to homeowners who are not keen gardeners and who don’t need a lot of outside space. What’s more important is the fact the house has a back garden despite it’s size, as since the Covid pandemic outside space has become increasingly important.

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So firstly, let’s consider this question; does garden size affect house value?

Does garden size affect house value?

The size of a garden will affect the value of a house, as it provides private outside space to enjoy. Since the Covid pandemic, outside space has become even more important to homeowners, which means the size of the garden will have even more impact on the value when buying or selling a house.

But it’s not just the size of the garden that adds value to a house. It’s also how well maintained the garden is. According to an article in the Telegraph, a well maintained garden can add 20% to your property value. This is £60,000 to the average UK house price.

But in larger towns and cities space is a premium and it might be that a small back garden is enough. Having even a small courtyard garden is better than having no garden space at all. For example, in expensive and large cities like London some homeowners are happy to have even a small outside space.

But ultimately when it comes to gardens, size does matter.

Should you buy a house with a small garden?

Starting from a perspective that you don’t already own a house with a small garden, should or would you buy a house with a small garden?

If you need to buy a house of a certain size, the ultimate controlling factors for any buying decision come down to affordability and location. If you have a set budget you can afford it ends up being a balancing act between what you can afford in the location of choice.

For example, do you move to a cheaper location so you can afford a house with a larger garden? Or do you buy a house in the best location for you, but compromise on the size of the garden.

Important questions you should ask before you buy a house with a small garden

  1. Is it your forever home? If the home is going to be your forever home, future saleability isn’t as important as your happiness. Make sure a house with small garden will make you happy.
  2. Are you accustomed to having a garden? If you are accustomed to having a large garden, a small garden may not be enough.
  3. Do you like barbecues? Barbeques are great in the summer, but if the garden is too small will it accommodate a barbeque?
  4. Do you like gardening? If you love gardening a small garden may not be ideal, but even with small gardens you can introduce pot plants and hanging baskets to enjoy what a small garden has for a gardener. But if you hate gardening, a small garden might be an ideal choice.
  5. Does the garden get the sunlight and are you a sun worshiper? The way the garden faces is important for many homeowners. You may like to read this article about are north facing gardens really that bad. Included is a list of pros (6) vs cons (10) you may like to consider.
  6. Do you want to grow your own veg? A small garden may make growing your own produce more difficult. Although you might like to setup your own home aquaponics system, which is ideal for a small garden.
  7. Do you have children or do you plan to have kids? Outside space is even more important if you have kids or if you’re planning to have them in the future.
  8. Does the size of the garden match the size of the house? For future saleability, the size of the garden should be in proportion to the size of the house. A small two bed cottage or terraced property with a little courtyard garden works, but a larger house with a tiny garden may be harder to sell in the future.
  9. Is having a shed important to you? If having somewhere to store your bikes, paint cans, tools etc. is important to you, the garden needs to be large enough to incorporate a shed.
  10. Where will you keep your bins? If the garden is so small it’s only big enough to house your bins, this may be too small.
  11. Do you like to hang your washing out? To many it’s important to have enough outside space to hang their washing out to dry.

At the end of the day every house has to be a compromise, unless you have a bottomless budget to work with.

Please read the next section about how easy it is to sell a house with a small garden, as this may affect which house you buy for future saleability.

How easy is it to sell a house with a small garden?

If you already have a house to sell with a small garden you need to make the most out of the garden you have.

All houses will sell if priced right. So when you sell your home, the price will need to reflect the size of the garden it has. But you should then focus on the positives the house has. Plus make sure you appeal to home buyers who are looking for a small garden.

These are a few ideas along those lines:

  • How small is small? If the garden you own is really tiny you may struggle to sell to anyone who wants outside space. If it’s only big enough to store the bins, this may be a problem. But even if this is the case, think about how you might disguise the bins, whilst at the same time leaving enough space for a small table and four chairs.
  • Garden layout: The layout of a small garden can make all the difference. Think about your garden as another room of the house. There are ways to make best use of the space and make it look bigger. Don’t over-clutter a small garden, as this will make it look even smaller. Using mirrors will help too.
  • Size of the market: It’s important you understand that the size of your market will be smaller than if your house has a larger garden suitable for kids. Once you understand your market, you can focus on the benefits of a house with a small garden.
  • Sell the house” so people fall in love with it: Make sure the house sells itself. The house should be in tip-top condition so the buyers fall in love with the house. If a buyer loves the house, they are far more likely to overlook the small garden and more likely to compromise.
  • Google small gardens for inspiration: If you’re looking for ideas about how to make the best of a small garden or a courtyard garden search Google for “small garden ideas” or “courtyard garden ideas.” Make the most of the space and really “sell” your small garden. Make it cute and irresistible. Here’s a few small garden ideas to start you on your way.

Ideally what you need is somewhere to sit with a few well place pot plants. Some homeowners consider that a small garden that has enough space for a small table with four chairs and a washing line is good enough.

A small garden represents low maintenance for those who don’t like gardening. But it’s that all important outside space.

However, if you garden is taken up with bins, then this won’t be attractive for buyers. You may need to get creative.

What about selling a house with a small courtyard garden?

Some courtyard gardens can be lovely and cute. Houses with courtyard gardens will sell if the house is in proportion to the size of the small garden it has. To sell a house with a courtyard garden quickly, make sure the house ‘sells itself‘. People love quaint small houses with cute courtyard gardens.

But if you’re accustomed to a larger garden, will a courtyard garden be big enough for you. There’s usually the added bonus you won’t have any grass to cut.

Conclusion to do houses with small gardens sell

Ultimately all houses will sell at the right price. So even houses with small gardens will sell.

But if all else is equal two same size houses, one with a larger garden and one with a small garden, the one with the larger garden would sell faster if they were priced exactly the same.

However, the reality is garden size does affect the value of houses, so the home with the larger garden would sell for more. Which means this may be out of your budget. Your dilemma ends with; garden size vs location.

The other important factor to consider is proportionality of garden size vs the size of the house. It’s important that garden size matches the size of the house, otherwise you may have problems selling. You might be interested to read this article about bigger house or bigger garden to help you decide this important question.

Please don’t forget to read this before you leave…

Please don’t forget to also read this article to discover how you could save £71,475 on your next mortgage if you sell your house and rent before buying againAs I said earlier, even I was amazed when I did the calculations!

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Do Houses With Small Gardens Sell? (Is No Back Garden A Mistake?)

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