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We Buy Any House Assisted Sale (Assisted Sale Offer)

We buy any house assisted sale - Assisted sale offer

If you’ve searched on “we buy any house” or “assisted sale” or both, this article aims to help you. It’s important to understand why you might be typing these search terms. They imply that you need to sell your house quickly.

How do assisted sales work

We buy any house and an assisted sale go hand in hand. Any house in the UK includes England, Wales and Scotland.

The key benefit to selling your house to an investor using an assisted sale is the speed at which you can get your property sold. Any deal must be a win-win and work as much for the investor as it does for you. No contract works if it’s all one sided. It has to be fair to both parties, or it just won’t work.

An assisted house sale is a legal transaction that’s designed to help you sell your house quickly. Or certainly quicker than you might sell it using a conventional estate agent.

But just for the record, if you’ve already instructed an estate agent, this doesn’t stop you from selling your house using an assisted sale. But what it does mean is that the assisted sale company, like us, will need to work with your estate agent.

Unless your contract with your agent has run its course and you’ve not sold your house. Which might be your reason you’re searching for ‘we buy any house‘ in the first place.

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Depending on which type of assisted house sale solution you opt for, you don’t only sell your house quickly, but you can also get a good price for it too.

The alternative is to sell it for immediate cash, which on the whole means you’ll lose out on the full market value. But sometimes, and whatever the reason you have at the time, this is what needs to be done.

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Types of assisted sale for houses or flats

If you are interesting in selling your house quickly, and don’t like the idea of losing out on some of your home’s equity by selling it for immediate cash, you may wish to consider an assisted sale instead. The house sale can still be quick, but the deal is structure in a different way.

There are three types of assisted sale, which include the following:

  1. An assisted sale using a lease option.
  2. Assisted sale advance cash.
  3. Assisted sale no advance cash.

Each one of the assisted sales will give you at least the following benefits:

  1. A speedy sale so you can move one quickly.
  2. Mortgage payments are taken over by the investor during the process.
  3. Property repairs, renovations and modernisation where appropriate are taken over by the investor.
  4. Council tax and utility bills are taken over.
  5. Insurance costs are no longer you problem.
  6. Peace of mind to move on quickly.

The key benefit to selling to an investor or an assisted sale company is the speed at which you can get your property sold.

There are other specific benefits to each of the above assisted house sale options. But instead of going into detail in this article, please take a look at the following article written specifically on this subject.

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We buy any house assisted sale and what this means

We buy any house assisted sale and what this means

The statement “we buy any house” is a pretty bold statement to make. But if you consider that any house will sell at the right price and in the right state of repair.

That means that we will pretty much buy any UK house, no matter where in the country it’s situation and pretty much whatever the state of repair.

I can almost hear you saying, there’s got to be a ‘but’ or there must be catch.

Yes there is a ‘but‘, but there’s no catch.

The ‘but‘ in this case boils down to the fact that the deal has to work as much for us as it does for you. No contract works if it’s all one sided. It has to be fair to both parties, or it just won’t work.

We are happy to walk away from a deal that’s not right for us, as you should too. You should never feel obliged to enter into any agreement that doesn’t work for you.

We sit down with you and construct a deal we hope you will like. A deal that will solve your problem(s). Whatever that/those problem(s) might be. Many times the problem we end up solving isn’t just about us buying your house.

Often times the problem is much bigger than the house sale itself. It can be debt problems, business problems involving cash flow issues in the business, it can be about divorce or illness such as cancer or mortgage arrears and the threat of repossession. It might be you can’t sell because you have negative equity.

Or any combination of the above.

But whatever the problem, we are here to listen and we want to help you.

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Considering the idea of a lease option assisted sale

The great thing about property lease options is they can pretty much work on any house or situation. A lease option contract can work for most people. The key benefit of lease options is how quick they are to arrange.

For example, if the problem you have is an immediate threat of repossession, a quickly arranged lease option can solve this dilemma. As speed is of the essence in this situation.

You don’t want to be repossessed, as it affects your credit report and may prevent you from getting a mortgage in the future. Lease option contracts don’t work on houses in Scotland, but there’s another approach that can be used in Scotland. However, if you live in England or Wales, they do work.

And just for peace of mind for you, a lease option contract is arranged using solicitors on both sides. We have a solicitor to protect us and so do you.

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A lease option assisted sale is perfect for the situation where you are looking to avoid being repossessed. Whereas an assisted sale, with a cash advance or not, might be more appropriate where you’re trying to sell a house you’ve inherited through probate. Or simply if you’ve already moved out and you’re struggling to sell your house for the right price.

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What does any house mean?

Any house means just that, whether it’s in England, Wales or Scotland, the offer of we buy any house assisted sale applies. If you have a problem and you need to have a friendly chat, contact us to arrange a suitable time to do so.

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We Buy Any House Assisted Sale (Assisted Sale Offer)

Article written by Russell Bowyer who has been investing in property since purchasing his first commercial property in the 1990's for his own Chartered Accountancy business. But his first property investment project was to turn an old dilapidated restaurant into a large 5-bed home, which he purchased for £117,500 and sold for £450,000 (to see an "after" photo of the house before it was sold see here: About). Russell owns a number of investment properties, which includes houses, flats and HMO's. More recently he has turned his creative side to investing in property using lease options. His largest lease option deal to date was to acquire 12 properties worth over £2 million for just £12, which means he paid just £1 to acquire each property!

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