Are Ex-Council Houses Freehold Or Leasehold?

Council Houses - Are Ex-Council Houses Freehold Or Leasehold

If your search for your next house you have found an ex-council house, you may be wondering if ex-council houses are freehold or leasehold properties. There is a big difference between freehold vs leasehold, which is why it’s important to know are ex council houses freehold or leasehold?

Most ex-council houses are freehold properties, which means you’ll have permanent and absolute tenure over the land and property included on the title plan, which means you will have freedom to dispose of it at will. But many council houses are bound by restrictive covenants you need to abide by.

If you buy an ex-council flat this will be leasehold, which is the same as any flat you buy including non-council flats. A leasehold property is a form of property ownership where it is leased from the freeholder.

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Are council houses freehold?

Ex-council houses are mostly freehold, but to be sure ask the estate agent selling the house. If the estate agent doesn’t know, ask them to check with the seller. There’s nothing wrong if the ex-council house is leasehold, but freehold is better.

Your conveyancing solicitor will confirm the freehold title of the property. They will also confirm what covenants exist over the property, for example some ex-council houses have no “building without permission” covenants to prevent you from building an extension.

Other ex-council houses have covenants to protect the gardens, trees and shrubs too, but this is often no different to many non-council houses on estates. The covenants are the to protect your neighbours from changing the house or garden to an extend it will affect the values of nearby properties.

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Are Ex-Council Houses Freehold Or Leasehold?

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