How to tell if a viewer likes your house (11 Tell-Tale signs to watch for)

How to tell if a viewer likes your house large

It’s always a feeling of excitement and nervousness when you have a viewing of your house. So it would be good to be able to tell if a viewer likes your house when the come. But then are they going to make an offer is the next question?

So how do you tell if a viewer likes your house and wants to buy?

  1. Taking time on the viewing.
  2. Take a second unaccompanied viewing.
  3. Ask lots of questions.
  4. Enthusiastic about the design.
  5. Start measuring up.
  6. Bring family or friends along.
  7. Bring a builder to give it a once over.
  8. Discuss their move.
  9. Body language.
  10. Ask about price negotiation.
  11. Book second viewing.

But of course if the estate agent is the one doing the viewings in your absence, you won’t get this hands-on feedback.

Let’s take a look at each of these in more detail.

11 tell-tale signs of how to tell if someone wants to buy your house

Signs a house showing went well include the following:

1. The buyers took their time over the viewing is a sign a house showing went well

If a viewer takes plenty of time over the viewing this is a good indication they like your house.

If a buyer looks at each room slowly to carefully look at things like storage in the bedrooms, or if they go back a room multiple times, this shows they are interested in your property.

Buyer who like your house are going to be prepared to spend a lot more time on their viewing.

2. If a viewer agrees to an unaccompanied second look around your house this is a good sign they are interested in buying

A good way to tell if a buyer likes your house is to always offer an unaccompanied viewing of your house for a second time. Buyers who are interested like to be alone to look at a house. This way they will feel less pressure if you’re not around.

If they flat-out refuse this offer, this is an indication they aren’t interested.

But if the viewer agrees to wandering around your house on their own, this is a clear sign of them being interested. Especially if they are gone for quite some time.

Whilst I don’t necessarily recommend to outwardly listen in on what they are saying, but you may hear them talking when they feel you’re not listening. But this is when you may catch your buyers off guard. It’s when they may reveal their true intensions or interest in your house.

3. The viewer asking loads of questions is a sign of a serious home buyer

If someone likes your house they will usually ask plenty of questions. But don’t be put off when potential buyers ask loads of negative questions vs positive questions. A serious home buyer will ask lots of negative questions to justify that they are making the right buying decision.

If most of the answers to their negative questions come back as a positive, this will cement their decision to make an offer to buy.

Questions that buyers who like your house may ask:

  • Asking about neighbours.
  • If they are a family they may ask about schools in the catchment area.
  • They may ask about local pubs, bars and restaurants.
  • If they are commuters they may enquire about transport links.
  • They may ask nit-picky questions about certain aspects of the house, which is a really good sign.
  • Asking about whether you have other offers, which is a very good buying signal.
  • Checking if there are other viewings, which is also a good sign the viewing is going well and may lead to an offer.
  • Asking what furniture or fittings you intend to leave in the house when you sell.

4. They’re enthusiastic about the layout and style is an indication the viewing is going well

Some people find it difficult to hide their emotions. If you find your buyers commenting on certain design aspects, like kitchen splash-backs or on the flooring etc, this shows a real interest in your home.

But just because someone is enthusiastic doesn’t mean they aren’t interested. Some people either don’t show their emotions in this way, or they try to hide them so as not to give the game away.

But equally, they may like the house for its location and layout, but intend to change colours and designs so won’t comment to avoid insulting you.

5. If buyers start to measure up this indicates a strong buying signal

If a buyers starts to measure up the rooms in your house, this is a good sign the house viewing its going well.

Buyers often measure kitchens to see if their fridge will fit, on the assumption you are taking your fridge with you. They will also measure other rooms to make sure their own furniture and beds will fit.

So if your buyers turn up with a tape measure this is a good sign they like your house and maybe making an offer to buy.

6. They bring family or friends along is a strong indication they are keen buyers

Often times buyers will bring family or friends along to see a house, which is mostly for a second opinion. If this is the case it doesn’t necessarily mean they like your house, but it’s a good indication.

However, if they bring friends or family members along to a second viewing, this is a good sign they like your house and may soon be putting in an offer.

7. Bring their builder with them to give it a once over is a sign of a serious home buyer

If a buyer brings a builder along to give a property the once-over, this is a very good indication they like your house. The reason why home-viewers are likely to bring builders to see your house is if they want them to check the property’s sound or if they intend to do building works like and extension.

But most people would not want to trouble a builder and waste their time on a property they have no interest in.

8. Buyers discussing their move is a strong sign the viewing is going well

As noted in point two above, you may be lucky to catch buyers discussing their move to your house. Which is why I think it’s a great idea to let them wander around your house on their own. But even if a second unaccompanied viewing doesn’t happen, you may find a buyer discussing this out loud in any case.

But if you catch viewers talking about a move-in date, this is a strong sign they love your house.

On the other hand, if a buyer starts to ask you about what dates would suit you to move out, this is a sure sign the viewing is going very well.

9. Body language is often a good give away if a house viewing is going well

You may see signs in the buyer’s body language or how they are when you first meet them. As I witnessed when I was selling a house and the agent sent the person who would be carrying out the viewings.

This person gave off subtle non-verbal buying signals that he was very interested in my house. Whilst I couldn’t put my finger on what it was I picked up on, I was right as he put an offer in the same day. I ended up selling my house before he brought anyone around to view the house.

The point is you should go on a gut feeling, as sometimes you’ll know if someone likes your house, or not as the case may be.

But be aware of buyers rubbing their hands together, or getting close to you when you are talking, as these can signal a buying intent. They may touch their chin or nod their head, which are also powerful buying signals.

10. Buyers asking about price negotiations is a good sign the viewing is going well

If your buyers ask you if you are negotiable over price, this is a very good sign they are interested in your house.

It’s up to you whether you engage in this discussion, or if you simply ask them to speak with your estate agent, but this is a good indication the viewing is going well.

11. They book a second viewing is a good sign they are a serious home buyer

A second viewing is a good sign buyers like your house and they are serious about buying.

Viewers are not going to waste their time looking over a house a second time if they are not interested. But just because they have viewed your house twice won’t always lead to an offer, as your house may be one of two or so houses on their short list.

Also, as already mentioned, if on their second viewing they bring along a friend or a family member, or perhaps a builder, this is a good sign they love your house.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article about how to tell if a viewer likes your house

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