Can you sell a house without a gas safety certificate?

Can you sell a house without a gas safety certificate large

If you are about to sell your house and you don’t have a gas safety certificate, you may be wondering whether you need one to sell.

So can you sell a house without a gas safety certificate? Yes you can sell your house without a gas safety certificate as you are not required by law to have one. But if you have a gas appliance it’s recommended to have an annual gas safety inspection and if you let your property you are required to have a gas safety certificate issued every year.

What is a gas safety certificate?

A gas safety certificate is also called a landlord’s gas safety check. Landlord’s gas safety checks are required by law for any property used as rental accommodation in the UK where gas appliances are present.

Gas safety certificates are regulated by Gas Safety Regulations 1998. These regulations require each gas appliance to be safety checked every 12 months.

Who can issue a gas safety certificate?

Only registered gas safety engineers can carry out a gas safety check. To do so they need to be a member of a class of contractors approved by the Health and Safety Executive.

All gas engineers who carry out the gas safety check must be competent to do so and be on the Gas Safety Register.

Who needs a gas safety certificate?

I would suggest that every homeowner that has a gas appliance needs a gas safety certificate to be safe. But all landlords must have a gas safety certificate issued every 12 months on their properties.

Do I need a gas boiler safety certificate to sell my house?

If your home has a gas boiler you don’t need a gas safety certificate to sell your house. But it’s good practice to have an annual inspection and a safety check done for your own safety and so you can provide this to your buyers for their piece of mind too.

But if you property is a buy to let property or and HMO with a gas boiler then you need a gas safety certificate to have tenants in any case. The only way to sell a buy to let property or an HMO property without a gas safety certificate is if your property is no longer let to tenants.

But instead of a gas safety certificate, you will need an boiler installation certificate.

What is a boiler installation certificate?

All gas boilers must have a valid installation certificate at the point of installation. A boiler installation certificate is officially a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate. This certificate is issued via the Gas Safety Register. They will notify your local authority whether the installation complies with Building Regulations.

Which means that only a suitably competent and registered gas engineer can install boilers.

Selling house with no boiler installation certificate

You cannot sell your house without a boiler safety certificate or Building Regulations Compliance Certificate. It’s this certificate that confirms the boiler was installed in accordance with building regulations.

If you’ve lost your certificate, you can apply to the Gas Safety Register for a new one. This will cost you, but it’s cheaper than losing the sale of your property.

Why do you need a gas safety certificate?

There are two main reasons why a gas safety certificates are needed.

Reasons why gas safety certificates are needed:

1. A gas safety inspection checks for and prevents gas leaks

Gas leaks can cause fires or explosions so as a part of the gas safety check the engineer will visually inspect pipework and do a tightness test to confirm there are no gas leaks.

All safe appliances are designed to burn gas in a controlled way. But a faulty appliance may leak gas and cause a fire or an explosion. This is why the gas engineer checks to confirm the appliance is working safely and without any leaks.

3. A gas safety inspection check for and prevents carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide is a deadly poisonous gas. It is particularly dangerous as it can’t be seen. You cannot taste carbon monoxide. But more importantly, you cannot smell carbon monoxide, so you won’t know it’s in the air. Which means if your appliance is leaking carbon monoxide you won’t actually know.

You or your family could be at risk if any of your gas appliances develop a problem that cause it to produce carbon monoxide.

This is why a gas safety inspection is needed. It is to make sure your appliance isn’t leaking carbon monoxide.

But also, get yourself a carbon monoxide detector to protect against this too.

What happens if you don’t have a gas safety certificate?

If you don’t have a gas safety certificate for your gas appliances you are putting yourself and your family at risk of death or injury.

But also if your property is let to tenants, you are putting your tenants at risk. You are also committing an offence too.

What are the penalties for not having a gas safety certificate?

The penalties for not having a gas safety certificate include a substantial fine and/or imprisonment and it could invalidate your insurance.

A fire or explosion can result from a faulty appliance which hadn’t been safety checked. If this fire or explosion causes a death to one of your tenants, you could be up for manslaughter.

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