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What Happens At The End Of Leasehold Term? Lease Expiry Laws

What happens at the end of leasehold: At the end of the leasehold term on a leasehold property like a flat, the lease agreement runs out and the property reverts back to the freeholder who owns the building. Once the lease has expired the property must be vacated by the lessee* as the lease agreement has ended.

Vendor Taking Too Long To Find A House: How Long To Wait

If the vendor is taking too long to find another property you have a tough decision between continuing your wait or to begin looking for another property. Your decision is made worse if you love the property, but if you’re in a chain you may risk losing your sale if you are held up for too long.

How Long To Wait For Vendor To Find Property

The length of time to wait for a vendor to find a property varies from one person to the next and depends on their circumstances, and if their buyers are pushing them for a fast sale. But how long a buyer will wait is also affected by how keen they are to buy the property and if it’s worth the wait.

Free Home Equity Calculator UK (What Equity Can You Release?)

A home equity calculator calculates how much equity you have in your home, which is the difference between what your home is worth less the balance owed on all secured loans, including your mortgage. But your true home equity is calculated after deducting selling costs like estate agent fees too.

Why Do You Want To Move House All The Time?

People want to move house all of the time either because they are unhappy and they are looking for happiness, or because they love moving and get excited about moving to somewhere new and love the adventure it brings. But moving is expensive, which makes moving house all the time a costly exercise.

Pros And Cons Of Living Near A Nuclear Power Plant: 5 Pros | 6 Cons

Pros of living near a nuclear power plant include good job opportunities with higher living standards and cheap properties. Whereas the cons of living near a nuclear power station include the risk of nuclear accidents or radioactive leaks, environmental contamination and problems selling your home.

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