Help to sell my property

Why Do You Want To Move House All The Time?

People want to move house all of the time either because they are unhappy and they are looking for happiness, or because they love moving and get excited about moving to somewhere new and love the adventure it brings. But moving is expensive, which makes moving house all the time a costly exercise.

Free Property Negative Equity Calculator: Are You Trapped In Your Home?

A handy property negative equity calculator makes it easier to calculate by how much you’re in negative equity if you sell your home, even if what you owe on your mortgage isn’t more than what your home is worth. The calculator takes account of selling costs and the balance to payoff your mortgage.

Selling House and Buying A New One Calculator

It’s good to use a sell your house and buy a new one calculator so you consider all selling costs, all buying costs, the balance to pay-off your current mortgage and what deposit is required on your new home. A calculator also works out the amount of savings you may need to buy your new home.

Should You Sell Your Home To Get Out Of Debt: Should You Rent?

It’s not always wise to sell your home to get out of debt, but you should immediately start to manage your finances, cut up your credit cards and control your spending. Selling your house to pay off debt should be your last resort, as there are other ways to reduce debt without selling your home.

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