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Do Clean Windows Help To Sell A House? (Do You Make More Money?)

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Is it worth cleaning house windows before selling?

Before you put your house on market to sell you should make sure your home looks the best it can. This includes cleaning the windows. But you may be wondering if clean windows help to sell a house.

So do clean windows help to sell a house? Home improvements recommended by estate agents surveyed by HomeGain shows that clean windows boost the sale price of houses by up to £1,700 ($2,300). Cleaning and de-cluttering your home before you sell provides an average return on investment of 594%. It’s also recommended by 91% of estate agents.

How clean should your house be when you sell it?

Your house should be cleaned to a high standard when you sell it. A clean house gives a good first impression to your buyers. You want your house to be welcoming and to smell fresh, which will help you sell it much faster.

No one wants to buy a dirty house. Homebuyers will be put off straight away if they walk into a dirty, dusty and smelly house.

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Do clean windows increase the value of your house

Do clean windows increase the value of your house?

As already explained, HomeGain’s survey results show that cleaning your windows can boost the sale price by as much as £1,700 ($2,300). When you consider how cheap window cleaning can be, especially if you do it yourself, this is a great return on investment.

But if you’re not willing to clean your own windows, the cost is likely to be less than £250 ($350). This works out at over 500% return on investment.

In the HomeGain survey, nationwide estate agents were asked which home improvements would help homeowners yield top dollars when selling their homes.

The top of the survey leader board was lightening and brightening your home. The typical cost of lightening and brightening your home is estimated at £63 to 81 ($86 to $110). This is estimated to increase the sales price by £565 to £688 ($768 to $935).

The next recommendation in the list is to clean and de-clutter. The return on investment for this estate agent recommended improvement is 594%. This improvement can yield a sale price increase of £1,539 to £1,749 ($2,093 to $2,378).

But more importantly, a clean and de-clutter was recommended by 91% of estate agents surveyed.

Will clean windows help to sell my house faster

Will clean windows help to sell my house faster?

On the basis that clean windows let more natural light in to rooms, it makes sense this helps to sell houses faster. With all other things being equal, if a buyer had a choice between two houses, they would likely choose the one with clean windows.

The house with clean windows will feel clean. Therefore, on the basis that homebuying is an emotional purchase, clean windows gives the impression the sellers love their home. Whereas a home with dirty windows will be the opposite.

Light rooms in a house look bigger. They are also more inviting to buyers and help to brighten a home. It therefore makes sense that a house with clean windows will sell faster than one with dirty windows.

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Both articles include a garden sun diagram. These diagrams show how the light hits the garden and the house and rooms within it throughout the day.

What are the benefits of clean windows

What are the benefits of clean windows?

  1. Clean windows improve curb appeal: First impressions count highly when selling a house. The outside of your house is the first thing a buyer will see. Therefore, if the windows are clean, this will give a good first impression.
  2. Clean windows will brighten rooms: Clean windows let more natural light into a room, and as a consequence this will help to brighten the room. This can be enhanced by using bright or light colours on the walls, which will enhance the effect even more.
  3. Rooms feel larger and more welcoming when the windows are clean: Lighter and brighter walls in rooms look and feel bigger, which is an optical illusion but works. Light and bright walls are more reflective, which makes the space feel open and airy.
  4. If your house has clean windows, potential buyers will see the views much clearer: You want your buyers to be able to see the garden and view through the windows. But if the windows haven’t been cleaned, this may obscure their view.
  5. Clean windows makes a house look loved: A clean house will be more welcoming, so when you clean your house to sell, you shouldn’t neglect the window cleaning. A dirty house with dirty windows will look and feel unloved. This may make your buyers suspicious of other things about your house they can’t see.
What do you clean house windows with

What do you clean house windows with?

To clean your windows you either employ a window cleaner or use good old elbow grease and Windowlene Glass Cleaner or similar. Alternatively you get yourself a window vac to make this a much better and faster job to clean your windows.

When you clean the windows on your house, make sure to clean the inside as well as the outside.

Why do windows get dirty on the outside of a house?

The outside of your windows get dirty from everything that’s floating around in the air. This is made worse during storms or on rainy and windy days. Particles of dust and dirt build up over time and after a while will obscure the view and cut out natural light.

To help keep the outside of your windows clean, you should spray them with Rain-X Rain Water Repellent Glass Treatment. External glass treatment will repel rains so any water will easily run off the glass. Plus it makes it easier to remove any dirt build up after the spray has been applied.

Why do windows get dirty inside of a house?

The windows on the inside of your house get dirty as a result of condensation and from house dust particles floating around in the air.

However, the inside of the windows in your kitchen are likely to be the dirtiest in your house, which is as a result grease build up from cooking.

Conclusion to do clean windows help to sell house

Dirty windows don’t make a very good first impression to potential buyers looking at your home. You want to make the best first impression and one way to achieve this is to clean the windows. Clean windows make the rooms look more inviting, brighter and bigger.

But also, you should have your windows cleaned before the pictures are taken by the estate agent selling your house. Otherwise the dirt and grime may show up on the online images and on the brochures used to sell your house.

The internal shots will be lighter and brighter too if the windows are cleaned before your estate agent takes the photos. This will improve the likelihood of getting more viewings through your front door. Which means you are more likely to sell your house much faster.

With that in mind, you may also like to read about what to do if your house has been on the market for 2 weeks with no viewings.

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Do Clean Windows Help To Sell A House? (Do You Make More Money?)

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