Month: November 2021

Should You Buy a House Near a Farm Or Farmland?

Only buy a house near a farm or farmland after researching the type of farm it is and if it’s an arable or livestock farm that may or may not give off bad manure smells. Living near a farm is a good thing, as it means you’ll be living in the countryside, but make sure to do your homework first.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Living Next To A Farm?

Pros and cons of living next to a farm: The main pros of living next to a farm include enjoying life in the countryside where the air is cleaner and where you’ll enjoy less noise and exhaust pollution from city traffic. Whereas the cons of living next to a farm include nasty smells, increased dust, flies and rodents.

How Long After Offer Accepted To Survey: What Causes Delays?

It can take at least three to four weeks to survey after accepting an offer, depending if they are buying with a mortgage vs a cash buyer. Mortgage buyers have to go at the speed of the mortgage company, but they may also be waiting for their buyers to arrange a survey on their property too.

Should You Buy A House Near Hospital: Pros & Cons & Is It Safe

Properties near hospitals are a good buy as they are always in high demand for doctors, nurses and ancillary staff who work at the hospital to either rent or buy. Property values near hospitals are always higher than surrounding postcodes due to demand, especially if it’s a large hospital.

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