Month: August 2021

What is Cluster house? Cluster Homes And Their Pros and Cons

A cluster house is a building of four or more individual properties whereby each property shares two or more party walls with one of the other properties in the cluster. Cluster houses are freehold properties, which means the owner of property owns it outright including the land it’s built on.

What Is A Link Detached House: What Are The Problems?

A link detached house is a residential property that is usually linked to a neighbouring house by a garage. This means the house itself shares no common walls with neighbouring properties, but as it is linked it cannot be described as a detached house.

Should You Buy A House Near Airport: Effects On House Prices

Only buy a house near an airport once you’ve considered the health risks associated with the additional pollution found near an airport, especially downwind and on the flight path. You should also check if you’re going to be happy with the additional noise pollution experienced near airports.

How Far From a Motorway Can You Hear It: Noise Factors?

If you live within one to two miles of a motorway or a major road, you will still be able to hear a steady hum of traffic noise. The level of noise will be affected by the time of day, if it’s been raining, the topography of the land between you and the major road and the prevailing wind direction.

Should You Buy A House Next To A Motorway: Factors To Consider

You should only buy a house next to a motorway if you love the house, you are content with the background noise by living near a fast road and the purchase price reflects its location. You may also want to consider the pollution factor and of course the resale value in the future.

Cash Buyer vs Mortgage Buyer: Do They Offer Less?

Cash Buyer vs Mortgage Buyer: If there’s no chain and the cash buyer has cash readily available, it can take a little as a few days to complete the purchase of a property. But the speed at which a property sale completes is down to how fast the solicitors work, whether the buyer requires a survey and if they want searches done.

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