Month: June 2021

How Much Can You Negotiate Off A New Build House?

If you get your timing right you can negotiate up to 20-30% below the developers asking price of a new build house. But this depends on the property’s location and the strength of the housing market. If you can move fast and it’s the last one or two houses left, the more chances of haggling more.

Can You Make An Offer On a House That is Under Offer + Sold STC?

You can still make an offer on a house that is under offer or “sold subject to contract”, as the buyer and seller are not legally bound to proceed at this stage. Houses in England and Wales are still technically available until all the paperwork has been signed and contracts are exchanged.

Do New Homes Lose Value? How to avoid losing too much value

New homes often lose value immediately after buying the property, which is similar to buying a new car. This is because new homes tend to be priced higher to cater to those homebuyers who like to buy new homes. The loss suffered when buying a new home is made worse with the Help to Buy scheme.

Should You Buy A House With A South Facing Garden? Are they worth the extra value?

If you buy a house with a south facing garden in the northern hemisphere the back of the house will enjoy sunlight for most of the day. The back garden will be drenched in sunshine for most of the day. Some homebuyers are willing to pay over £32,000 more for a south-facing garden.

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