Month: May 2021

Property 118 Review: Contact & Cotswold Barristers Review

This Property118 review reveals a professional services company providing tax advice to property landlords, which includes property tax planning, the incorporation of property rental businesses, guidance on ownership structure, help to solve your Section 24 Tax problem and inheritance tax planning.

Can You Rent Out A Retirement Flat? What are the restrictions?

You can only rent out a retirement flat if the lease allows you to do so, but you may need to obtain permission from the freeholder and pay a consent to let fee. But there may be restrictions on who the property can be rented to, which will include the same age restrictions set for buying the flat.

Should Water Tank In Loft Be Covered With A Lid?

The water tank in your loft should be covered with a lid to prevent dust, birds and vermin from entering the tank. Also, water in a water tank without a lid can evaporate into the loft space and may cause condensation. If you have a header tank for your heating system this should also have a lid.

Property Lease Options: How they work & how to find the deals

Property lease options are contracts that give you control over property, and as a general rule to generate an income from it, but could equally be control over a property for you to live in. The option contract gives you the right, but not the obligation, to buy the property in the future.

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