Month: February 2021

Should You Buy a House With Woodworm? (Will Worms Eat Your House?)

It’s okay to buy a house with woodworm as it’s unlikely to have caused any structural damage. Active woodworm infestations need to be treated to halt any further damage to the timbers. But get the vendor to pay for any treatment required or deduct the cost of treatment from the purchase price.

How Much Is An Acre Of Land Worth (Plus What Will It Cost?)

An acre of land is worth at least £5,000-£7,000 per acre as pasture or £7,000-£9,000 as arable land. But the value of an acre of farmland will cost more to buy if it’s converted into a garden. However, its worth will be even higher if planning permission is granted for a housing development.

Do Houses With Small Gardens Sell? (Is No Back Garden A Mistake?)

Houses with small gardens will sell to homeowners who are not keen gardeners and who don’t need a lot of outside space. What’s more important is the fact the house has a back garden despite it’s size, as since the Covid pandemic outside space has become increasingly important.

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