Month: November 2020

How Do I Buy An Investment Property With Little Or No Money?

The best way to buy an investment property with little or no money is to use other peoples money or OPM. But before you start asking for other peoples money, there are a few important steps you MUST take beforehand. The first of these crucial steps is to find an opportunity or a great investment.

I Want To Move Abroad But My Partner Doesn’t Want To Go

If you want to move abroad but your partner doesn’t want to go, try to persuade them to go for a holiday to see if they at least like the country. If your partner won’t entertain this idea of going to your chosen country of migration, you have a choice between living with your partner or migrating without them.

Are Your Buyers Dragging Their Feet? (How To Get Your Sale Moving Again)

If your buyers are dragging their feet you need to give them an ultimatum. Get your estate agent or your solicitor to find out why, as people don’t drag their feet unless something is wrong, which maybe due to problems obtaining their mortgage, problems with their own house sale or they may be getting cold feet.

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