Month: September 2020

Do You Need To Do A Survey When Buying A House And Can You Buy A House Without One?

You don’t need to have a survey when you’re buying a house, but it’s a good idea to have one. Having a survey will highlight any problems with the house you’re buying, confirm that it’s structurally sound and will pickup any damp issues. A lender will insist on a valuation, which is not the same as a survey.

Once An Offer Is Accepted On A House Can Someone Else Make An Offer?

In England and Wales even once an offer has been accepted, someone else can also make an offer. Estate agents are legally obliged to put all offers forward, but this doesn’t mean the vendor has to accept other offers. If this happens it’s call Gazumping. But to avoid it happening, you need to exchange contracts quickly.

What To Do If Your Mortgage Is Refused Due To Damp Or You Have A Mortgage Retention?

What to do if your mortgage is refused due to damp? If you’ve had a mortgage refused due to damp the damp issue must be quite severe, as most lenders tend to down-value a property with damp. The surveyor will assess the damp problem and associated costs to fix it for the lender to downgrade the mortgage. Either renegotiate the price or ask the vendor to fix the problem.

What % Is A Cheeky Offer On A House And Is It OK To Offer Less Than Asking Price?

So what % is a cheeky offer on a house? It’s arguable that any offer of more than 10% discount off the asking price could be considered a cheeky offer. The level of ‘cheek’ depends on who the vendor is and how long their home has been on the market. But so long as you’re prepared for them to say no to your offer, it’s worth taking a punt with a cheeky offer.

Is It Best To Buy And Sell With The Same Estate Agent?

The reason why it would be best to buy and sell with the same estate agent is if the agent is known to be proactive and will sell your house quickly for the right price. You shouldn’t automatically use the same estate agent you’re buying your new house from, until you’ve compared them against other agents in your area.

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