Month: February 2020

Birddogbot Review (Search Engine For Real Estate Investors & Wholesalers) Updated For 2020

Birddogbot review is for real estate investors looking for a faster way to search out deals and save time. Deal finding in property investing is a real time hungry process. But with Birddogbot software you save time as the software finds the deals for you. This means you spend your time visiting and negotiation the deals instead.

How Do You Find Out How Long A House Has Been On The Market?

To find out how long a house has been on the market there are a few simple ways. These include asking the estate agent, looking on the internet on Rightmore, Zillow and Zoopla or asking the vendor. As a seller, and if it’s your houses that’s been on the market for a while, you may be at a disadvantage as a stagnant property can become less desirable. But as a buyer you may have an edge when it comes to negotiating the price and terms.

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