Month: April 2018

I Can’t Sell My House What Are My Options (If I live In The UK)?

If your house isn’t selling and you need to move right away, what are your options.

You may be moving elsewhere in the UK or perhaps emigrating overseas and need to sell fast. But the location of your house and current market conditions will affect how quickly your house will sell.

If you are willing to consider creative options (which doesn’t necessarily mean selling at under value), you could sell your house within a few days. Yes within a few days!

How To Avoid Repossession Of Your Home (Help Is Available)

How to avoid repossession of your home is first about taking action. You need to speak to someone that can help. Delaying is not an option. Burying your head in the sand won’t help.

Either you need to speak to your bank or someone else needs to on your behalf. If you’re not able to clear your arrears or able to start paying your mortgage repayments, help is available.

You can still walk away and not be tarnished with a repossession on your credit history.

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